Siberian Motherwort Herb-Cut – Leonurus sibericus – Chong Wei Zi or Honeyweed


Siberian Motherwort Herb Cut – Chong Wei Zi

Also known as Honeyweed

Leonurus Sibiricus

50 grams

Siberian Motherwort (Leonurus sibericus)  is also commonly called Honeyweed  and is an herbaceous plant species native to China, Mongolia, and Siberia. It has verticillaster inflorescence. It is naturalized in many other parts of the world, including South, Central and North Americas.

In Europe it is also known by a multitude of names such as Throw-wort, Lion’s Ear, and Lion’s Tail,Agripalma, Agripaume, Agripaume Cardiaque, Cardiaire, Cardiaque, Cheneuse, Chinese Motherwort, Creneuse, Herbe Piquante, Herbe des Tonneliers, Leonuri cardiacae herba, Leonurus, Leonurus artemisia, Leonurus cardiaca, Leonurus cardica but these alternative names really apply to the European Motherwort

In China it is known as Chong Wei Zi or Honeyweed

Constituents of Siberian Motherwort Herb:-

Chemical components identified in Motherwort Herb include iridoids, leonurin, bitter principle and bitter glycosides, alkaloids, flavonoids, rutin, tannin, essential oil, resin, and organic acids. It is spicy but bitter.

Traditional Uses of Siberian Motherwort Herb:-

Its traditional use is as a heart tonic. It promotes blood circulation, helps with arteriosclerosis and dissolving blood clots, and resultant symptoms of heart dysfunction including angina, palpitations and heart neuralgia.

Since it also has nervine properties, it has been used for treating various neurotic conditions as well as hysteria, convulsions and insomnia. Its emmenagogic- or menses-promoting powers made it historically useful to ancient Chinese courtesans who called it IMU.

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