Blue Mallow Tincture


25 ml

Botanical Name Malva sylvestris

also known as High Mallow, Common Mallow, Ebegumeci, Althaea rosaea, Mallards, Mauls, and French hollyhock

Plant Part Used  Flowers

Herb To Liquid Ratio 1:3

Alcohol by Volume 25%

Country of Origin UK/UK

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Malva sylvestris from which this Blue Mallow Tincture is extracted has delightful and quite stunningly coloured flowers, and is  also known as  High Mallow, Common Mallow, Ebegumeci, Althaea rosaea, Mallards, Mauls, and French hollyhock

Blue Mallow Tincture – A Spiritual Herb:-

For centuries Blue Mallow Flowers  were laid down in front of dwellings or worn as a garland for Mayday/Beltane celebrations in England.

The flower has a long Wiccan association. Culpeper considered this a Venus herb, and wrote of it as “beneficial for love magick, but is also useful in Water magick.”

the flowers do not have a fragrance and nor does this, the tincture.

Blue Mallow Tincture aids and promotes spiritual healing and peace. The flowers can be incorporated into a dream pillow for soothing of nightmares or the tincture added to a tea or added to a bath to soften one’s character. A very becoming and pleasing Venus or Dark of the Moon ink can be made from Blue Mallow Flowers.

Their colour isn’t at all fast and they were once used extensively as a kind of confetti but fell out of fashion because they stained everything so easily – for that reason it is suggested that they are useful in making a disclosing fluid which is used to stain otherwise barely seen bacteria on teeth that have not been cleaned effectively.

Medicinal Uses for Blue Mallow Tincture :-

This herb is cooling and demulcent (soothing) and has traditionally been used as a very respectable poultice on the stomach to ease internal aches or against the stings of small insects.

The flowers which have more mucilage than the leaves and the tincture from which  is very good mixed with eucalyptus in a sweetened tea for coughs or simmered with some honey to make a gargle for sore throat. It was once considered a remedy for epilepsy (“falling sickness”).

A complex polysaccharide in the herb known as arabinogalactose may have immune-stimulant properties.

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