Juniper Wood Chips – Juniperus communis


Juniper Wood Chips

Juniperus communis

50 grams

Juniper wood, a softwood, is often used in the smoking and cooking of meats and vegetables. Smoking bacon with Juniper Wood s a common method of seasoning in Scandinavian countries. It works well with fatty pork belly or vegetables like pumpkins mushrooms Some important aspects should be observed however when smoking with a softwood. It is best not to use wet or dry juniper wood, and instead to use well-seasoned wood

You can smoke successfully with juniper wood, and it’s great for meats like bacon and pork belly or vegetables such as squash and various mushrooms. You can use logs as well as seasoned chunks or splinters or chips (this product). As a softwood, it will burn quickly and you really do need to make sure it’s dry and well-seasoned. It gives a dense smokey flavour with a kind of balsamic undertone and is commonly used with the berries and leaves in the smoking process.

Added to gin, juniper wood can add a different layer of astringency,


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