Lemon Peel Fine Ground Powder – Citrus limonum


Lemon Peel Fine Ground Powder

100 grams

Powdered Lemon peel fine ground (Citrus limonum) is often used in “no salt” blends of spices to re-place the salt missing. Not to be confused with the outer “zest” of the rind, this is the entire peel ground. It is also used extensively in Middle Eastern chutneys as a souring agent.

Traditional Uses for Lemon Peel:-

Lemon Peel contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, ascorbic acid and vitamin A, as well as volatile oil and hesperidin. In Africa, Lemon Peel is used to treat colic, and in India, Lemon Peel is used to treat upset stomach. The British Pharmacopoeia lists Lemon Peel as an aromatic for use as a fragrance and flavour enhancer.

It is often used in cosmetic preparations and is a very gentle “scrub” agent in soap.

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