Crude Amber Essential Oil – Pinus succinifera -100% Pure


BOTANICAL NAME: Pinus succinifera

SCENT: Crude Amber essential oil has a leathery, polish, petrol, and rubbery aroma, with tar, smoke, white birch and cade wood notes, Indian Amber oil is considered one of the better sources being rich and pungent in its aroma, sweeter than Russian or Baltic.


PLANT PART USED: Rejected resin and resin dust

EXTRACTION METHOD: vacuum distillation


COLOUR: Crude Amber  essential oil a pale yellow hue


NOTE: Middle

Pinus succinifera  from which Crude Amber essential oil is obtained is a large and now extinct pine tree from which many modern trees owe their decendency.

The oil is made from rejected pieces deemed unfit for jewellery making, along with the fossil dust and residues via vacuum distillation.

Reported Attributes of Crude Amber Essential Oil:-

Traditional and Emotional uses reportedly include:-

The essential oil which is an ingredient in many popular modern-day perfumes is also considered, by aromatherapists, as calming encouraging harmony and balance.

Crude Amber Essential Oil Blends Well With:-

Geranium, White Pine in particular but all pine oils in  general, Spruce Hemlock, All the Cedarwoods articularly Cedrus deodara, Myrrh (India), Galbanum, Frankincense, Cypress, Clove Leaf, Star Anise, Lemon, Orange Sweet, Mandarin, Clementine, Cistus  (Rock Rose)  Rose Absolute (Damascene and Centifolia), and Benzoin.


Crude Amber Essential Oil is one of the oldest Essential Oils in the world, its’ use as a trading commodity dates back to 8000 BC. Amber has had various names down the centuries, which includes, ‘Sunstone’, ‘Stone of victory’, ‘Adornment of the daughters of Rome’, and ‘Gold of the North’. Its English name derives from Ancient Arabia where it was burnt as incense and was known as ‘Anbar’ or ‘Ambar’.

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