Horsemint Essential Oil-Monarda fistulosa


BOTANICAL NAME: Monarda fistulosa

SCENT: Horsemint essential oil has spicy floral like aroma with just a hint of thyme or oregano


PLANT PART USED: The whole plant

EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam Distillation.

ORIGIN: France

COLOUR: Horsemint essential oil is colourless to pale yellow in hue.


NOTE: Middle

Horsemint (this particlular oil is wild collected) belongs to the Mint Family and is a native of North America.  It bears flowers of scarlet, pink, white or purple and has green, oval leaves. The leaves have a red-colored vein running through them.

It is also known as Monarda,  Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, and Wild Bergamot, the last because the fragrance in the crushed leaves is reminiscent of Citrus bergamia, The Bergamot Orange although it has no relationship to the fruit at all.

Reported Attributes of Horsemint Essential Oil:-

It is carminative, antiseptic, analgesic, anti inflammatory, anti viral, anti fungal, and a stimulant. It is used to treat fever and headache and in many skin care products.

Horsemint Essential Oil Blends Well with:-

Vanilla. Benzoin, Sandalwood, Orris, Geranium, All the Citrus oils

History of Horsemint:-

The genus was named after Nicolás Monardes who was a Spanish botanist in the late 16th Century and who wrote a tome about New World plants.

It is a strong antiseptic and Native North Americans used it as a poultice for dressing wounds and also for dental cleanliness and a gargle to treat mouth and throat infections. It contains a liberal amount of Thymol ( which is the principal antiseptic element ) which makes it a god mouthwash (diluted naturally)


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